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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Welp, Here's 2016!

Hey people!

I know it's quite harsh to leave you folks without news but there are reasons for that.

What happened since October:

Coding, mostly coding, had to make sure if it's really worth to use Unity for work because I faced lot of difficulties with other engines and programs like Flash or Construct 1/2

My first  program was Flash(2001-2010) - like many others I caught swf files from pages, decompiled them, took some pieces of code and used them in my games. Unfortunately all of them failed due to limitations such as using too much graphics, some cpu heavy code or z-sorting problem. I even made a prototype with my own code(only v-cam was used from other source) but stuck at melee combos which worked fine but had a huge cpu impact. So I had to wave goodbye to Flash as a coding solution, still using it for drawing though!

Second was Construct Classic(2008-2010) - It was an easy to learn, comfortable disaster. I was working on a metroid fan game when I was on version 0.85. Then 0.95 appeared and my project broke. I was very sad about this but... I guess in the end it's actually a good thing - games made in Classic were not stable and they demanded lots of power from machine, only advantage over Constrcut 2 was the size - you could make a game that could be just 10mb.

Construct 2(2012-?) - a masterpiece, I can't argue! Only few things prevent me from making a big solid game in C2 like lack or project search bar or instancing issues but you can do so much with this piece of software! I really hope browser vendors find a solution to let html5 games work without major slowdowns! I couldn't get a decent framerate on ipad mini even with a couple moving sprites on screen! And if you are making a game for pc, forget about any web gl effects if you want good performance! But still it's a great program, can't wait for C3!

Unreal Engine 4(2015) -  it has a great picture and mpbile/console support but at what price??? It eats tons of memory and makes my video card scream like a lady. And please don't laugh at me but I can't understand it.

Finally, Unity(2015-?) - when learning this program I was swearing deep inside my mind but few weeks later I fell in love with it - C# may be a tough nut but you can achieve beautiful results once you get a grip of it - With 45k polygons performance on ipad mini is smooth as silk! Can't use too much shadows or heavy effects or rotation stuff suffers a bit but still it's an incredible thing! Glad I'm using Unity5!

Sooooo this is all about my coding days at the moment!

Ah wait, forgot to tell! I made a game inside Ian Martin's "Platfinity"! - it's pretty simple but I'd still recommend you to check this unfairly underrated gem! You may not like the look(I like it though) but still it's a very entertaining constrcutor!

Here's the game -

And this is a shot from my creation

And folks - there is a chance I may be joining forces with some people with big background in game industry and that means faster development and even greater game so let's make some feedback - I want to prove them you're not a myth, you exist, that may give them the motivation!

Leave comments here, subcribe, join facebook page, follow me on twitter and such, all stuff is here!

Cheers and Happy Past and Future Holidays!


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