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Monday, September 22, 2014

A Devious Challenge!

Good people of Earth, I challenge you! This is an arm I drew just now!

What's the goal:

Finish the character - one must have a head, two arms, two legs and a torso at least! Expanding the character is not only allowed but stongly encouraged!

What are the rules:

1) Draw one body part, it can be anything from a finger, wrist or arm to a tentacle or a minigun or clown head or a chainsaw or Godzilla's foot or anything else!

2) The first commenter contnues the challenge - e.g. I drew this arm, next is gonna be the first who commented! Then this commenter draws one's part, copy paste this post and publish it anywhere one wants and then the next first commenter picks up the challenge!

3)We've got only one day to finish it!

4) Challenge is expandable - anybody can start from an arm I drew but it must be a separate character!

5) The part you draw must not look like previous body parts - it must have an individual look!

6) No copyright claims over your body parts, everybody must be able to use the part you've drawn!!!

7) Do not modify previous parts even if they look extremely horrifying!

What's the Prize:

This very character for your pic/book/game/album cover/show/podcast/whatever! I personally would like to use it in "whatever" industry.

Good luck creating an ultimate form of possible (maybe even pocket) monstrosity!

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