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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Potential Danger

This one is quite a interesting being. It may be dangerous enemy... or a powerful instrument! Asleep, it's more of a mystery than a threat. Be careful though, if you go unprepared, you may lose your opportunity to get control of it!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Why Logos Must Be Idiotically Short and Obvious?

Alright time for some educational stuff!

So it began when I created the first logo for S.T.Y.X

I really liked what I've got - simple yet very smart name. It has three important things I felt urge to mention:

1) It's short

2) Delivers the whole plot and point of the game

3) It finds its philosophical roots in Greek mythology - as you may have already guessed, Styx, river of death!

It's very sad many people didn't understand the logo though. When I was sending early test builds of my game to some folks, many people complained about complexity of the name, asked me to make it shorter and so on.

One blogger even told me:

"The acronym for S.T.Y.X. is way too complicated. Tossing an 'of' in there is cheating, too."
While the rest of his review was pretty smart(I even posted the review on my FB page) this line makes me a bit confused.

Interesting does he know what NATO sounds like if you read the whole name?
Just for you to know: North Atlantic Treaty Organization - sounds quite simple, eh? :) And the fact it's not the game even adds up to the factor! :)
Or ASCII - American Standard Code for Information Interchange - even simpler, huh? :)

There are tons of video game companies, consoles and games with quite complex acronyms or word hybrids or genres like SNK, Super Famicom, Namco, Capcom, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.(where numbers of letters are the date of Chernobyl disaster actually but still it's a good example), MMORPG, MOBA and many more!

I personally don't have anything against simple names and logos but I'm not gonna make something that looks like another clone of Metroid, Mega Man, Star Wars and so on.

A name that's more than one or two words and it's not completely horizontal is not a mistake, that's what am I saying.

A friend on Facebook told me recently in chat:
"the name STYX is great, but i think you could find another excuse to give the game this name"

Sounds like he thinks I was out of ideas and found nothing more than a bunch of unconnected words and glued them up to 4 letters.

Guys, I know, my graphics can be bad or gameplay is way far from being perfect yet, I know it myself and I can't deny those things, I'm working hard on improving them, but if you're gonna judge the name of the game like those young gentlemen did I can only say I'm sorry for you.

But all that speech doesn't mean I'm blindly and aggressively defending the logo, actually one comment was strikingly insightful!

John Dick, voice of Serious Sam, told me about one obvious moment I didn't notice before: fonts.
Indeed, I didn't think about how overused fonts of this logo may be, in fact that's the only reason I'm working on new versions of the logo right now.

So generally the logo design will possibly remain the same except font will be different, possibly hand drawn. Problem with people not understanding my logo design will not concern me anymore.

I think I'm gonna put this post in FAQ section of my upcoming site.