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Monday, June 2, 2014

Art Is ALL

This is Aubrey Serr's vision of my game

Awesome isn't it?
I was so impressed I was sitting and drooling for an hour. By the way this pic took him just half an hour.
So now I'm seriously thinking about changing my art style, not dramatically but at least I'll try to make something more impressive than what did I draw back in 2012!

He told me it's a fan art but I believe that's one of the best lessons in my life! So I decided to try to copy his pic in the same half hour. That's what I've got:

Not as accurate but I tried hard. I was under deep impression so I couldn't draw accurately. I drew like a psycho on fire.
Oh and if you believe I've just copypasted his pic here's the proof I drew this manually:

I asked him to draw a CD version of his pic and it turned out even more badass!

So here I present you the composition from the demo I'm working on plus BONUS: CD version of Aubrey's art (be warned though: demo doesn't have graphics as badass as Aubrey's picture yet)

If you wanna check other works by Aubrey you literally MUST visit his page at and" because he's ART GENIUS!!!

Stay tuned folks, more stuff to come up!